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There's a part in everyone that is designed with God's DNA. That part is your spirit, & it is precious. Often your spirit is left out of the equation when drugs, trauma, abuse, shame, guilt, remorse, or even deny acknowledging that the spirit within you is precious to God or even involved in your existence. Our Christ-Centered men & women will teach by example how to walk into a spirit-filled relationship with our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ if you choose to. We will help each individual answer that question that often echoes in one's mind. Am I important to God? Does God exist? What is my purpose? -as well as many other questions that His Spirit can only answer to your spirit
(John 16:13–14, & 14) (AMP).

Each individual we minister to will participate in selecting the subject matter for both mentoring groups and platforms we speak at & individual sessions of one-on-one discipleship. Our goal is to give each person the spiritual understanding to distinguish between walking in the Spirit versus walking in the flesh, so Spiritual healing is natural, not coerced. It is significant in our approach. This part of our program format will be interactive but non-intrusive into the beliefs & traditions of the past lifestyles we face in diverse cultures. Unweaving doctrinal damage, church hurt, misconceptions, & lies about their First Love connection through Grace & Love.

Our interaction and methods will teach how to establish a continuous line of communication through intimacy with God by spending time in prayer with their peers & loved ones. When possible, we will have daily inspirational meetings via social media and telehealth among the willing clients and mentees.

Biblical principles & positive connections, and evidence-based theories are great for After-church sessions. Volunteers will also bring in messages of Hope in their testimony as we reach the urban and suburban populations. Of course, musical praise & worship will be an intricate part of our ministry, which means all forms of gospel music. Tested men & women of God will teach the reality of being spiritual & living in a house of flesh & bone by presenting the Gospel in relevant cultural manners. We stress spiritual integrity in all that is said & done within our groups or individual sessions & all activities that First Love Unbroken is a part of, and we encourage the come as you are attitude but leave a redeemed mindset. Our Christ-Centered men & women teach by example as we lead by walking with individuals into a spirit-filled relationship with our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Each individual we mentor will participate in verbal or written essays on select subject matter from our groups & individual meetings in homes or speaking engagements. Our interactions with those in need will present Biblical principles & positive connections. Praise & worship will be an intricate part of meetings and engagements for First Love Unbroken. We believe that meditating on the Word means more than reading and reciting the Bible, it means forming a spiritual relationship that will change your life.


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