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Thank you for deciding to help 

You have heard it said, "every little bit helps" well it does. We want to thank you in advance because you could pick anyone to donate to, but you chose us. We are honored.


"Seriously God? You want to use who? is testimony of our founder; Brother David A. (Wolf) Godwin Sr. 

When things are at the worst it is also where God shows His best.

This is what makes First Love Unbroken, Inc different. Help us continue to unite evidence-based techniques and Biblical principles to those who need more than a sermon or more than a program. There is a need for wholeness and we have the format to do so. 


Thank you for the love

We want to thank you in advance for the love you have for those who are still suffering from addictions and harmful life choices by giving to our 501c3 organization.


Our mission of mending broken hearts and restoring hope within families, communities, and within our country is key to our commitment to each resident's individual care of our coming facility.  


This will help us reach another person who needs to know that Christ is still in love with them no matter their past addiction or mental unrest. He is there and so are we. 

Help us strengthen our mission.

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