Forever Yeshua's Redeemed is at it again

THATs FYR Productions

will be at Atlantic City Boardwalk for another

12 hour concert

Halleluia!!!! that's right!!!

June 11th at Kennedy Plaza

Atlantic City Boardwalk,

Atlantic City New Jersey

THATs FYR will host the Annual First Love Unbroken's Recovery Concert...

9:30 AM until 10 PM

Food for your soul so let's fix those holes and hold onto the healing power of Testimonies through Gospel HipHop and the covering of the Lamb...

Saturday June 11th, 2022 10am-10pm

THAT'S FYR Live and In-person Concert

Join First Love Unbroken, Inc. for a free outdoor boardwalk concert at Kennedy Plaza Stage on the Atlantic City, New Jersey.