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Wellness & Wholeness

Our organization approaches wellness from a Christ-centered worldview, understanding that healing and support for emotional and physical well-being are rooted in a relationship with God. Our comprehensive wellness programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of young adults, people with special needs, and seniors and can be performed in various settings including in the comfort of an individual's home, in outdoor activities, or through the convenience of telehealth technology.


Our Behavior Support program uses a holistic approach that integrates body-based practices and mindfulness techniques to help participants cultivate self-awareness and develop social-emotional learning skills. This program encourages individuals to rely on their faith and connection with Jesus to find inner peace and well-being.


Our Person-Centered Wellness Coaching is designed to address all aspects of the wellness wheel, including physical vitality, emotional stability, and social integration. This personalized and holistic program considers an individual's unique needs, including faith and spiritual well-being.


Our Mindfulness and Stress Reduction is specifically tailored to support the wellness of individuals needing special attention. This program focuses on developing critical life skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging self-care practices through a Christian lens, empowering individuals to rely on their faith to cope with stress and find peace and balance.

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