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Wolf Pack Donations

"Join us in supporting Brother Wolf, a compassionate advocate for families, marriages, and children in need. Your monthly donation will provide crucial resources for those who are struggling with physical and emotional trauma, helping them to heal and rebuild their lives. Your generosity will make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Thank you for your support."

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Gratitude is a powerful & transformative force & expressing our appreciation for the generosity of those who make donations to our cause is a critical part of building a strong & supportive Christ-centered community. Whether it be through weekly or monthly donations, angel contributions, or one-time offerings, every gift helps Brother Wolf move closer to his goals & make a positive impact in the world.

Olivia & I are truly grateful for the support of all who have chosen to invest in our mission. We are humbled by the outpouring of kindness & generosity that we have received. These gifts of love are a testament to the power of collective action & prayer. They give us the financial resources & strength to carry out our ministry with a greater purpose beyond the walls & wherever our feet carry us with the Gospel message.

In Jesus' name, we pray for blessings upon all those who have made a difference in our lives through their contributions, & we ask that God continue to guide & sustain us as we strive to make a positive impact of Christ-centered purpose into the world. May

His love & grace be upon us all, & may we always be mindful of the Source, where our blessings come by giving & receiving with open hearts.

With deep gratitude, we offer our heartfelt thanks for your generosity & for your faith in our mission & ministries. Together, let us continue to build a brighter & more Healthy, Whole & Awe-inspiring world for all. Peace & Love to you & yours

Brother David A. Wolf Godwin Sr. BS, CI

Brother Wolf in Kensington, Christmas spent with Rahab Ministry and Joe Schmoes Men's Fellowship.


Romans 12:16 speaks to me whenever I am allowed an opportunity to step into a community and supply relief and love through physical evidence. Food drops and community meals have existed long before Covid; God willing, we will still do them today. Being a blessing is not just for the urban community; it is for anyone who may need a little more than they have at the moment.


The Cross, on a Hill, in our Heart... That's how it started. A vision and a dream from one image given to Brother Wolf in 2014. Years later, in 2016, the hand-drawn symbol would be the logo for First Love Unbroken, Inc

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Brother Wolf in Browns Park, Atlantic City, New Jersey

children. Romans 10:14, 15 reflects the walk Brother Wolf

has been called to... even before the First Love Unbroken began.


Haircuts anyone? One of the many ways Brother Wolf used to interact and serve. We are designed to remove the blurred lines in the Body of Christ and the communities we serve; sometimes, you must show up in the rain to bring about Sonshine. "Outrageous Overflow"


Addiction affects more than our country, and when you help me, you aid those connected to First Love Unbroken on a personal level to combat this curse. God has blessed me with many sons and daughters. Suneel is one of them. He desires to bring Jesus to the children and lost souls in Pakistan. We support him but want to do more.

There has never been a more profound statement to stand behind than in God we trust. I believe if you are a friend of mine and have been around long enough to see my journey, you understand that I believe this with all my heart. I love Him; therefore, I trust Him. I believe He will touch the hearts that are willing to partner with me. Thank you in advance.

Brother Wolf

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