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The body is designed to enjoy life, but everything permissible may not be beneficial for the body, so even with medication being administered for detox purposes from other organizations, we want to guide you to a healthy lifestyle where coping adjustments can be made in the brain & in the body. We help you can co-exist with little to no medications. The main purpose of this is to instill new hope in you and your loved ones. As you see your body change, we will bring people of interest around you that are happily walking this long-term redemptive lifestyle. We will present new creations as they are meant to be so each one we mentor can follow.

Vision Statement

We vow to promote & develop wholeness in men & women. A wholeness that comes from a transformed & renewed mind. We will inspire these men & women who have gone through struggle, Whom bear the mark of their testimony, To have a vision of positive purpose for their future. We vow to build lives with the understanding of self-worth through the eyes of the One whose First Love for us is still Unbroken. Reference: Isaiah 1:18-19

Christ-centered Recovery


First Love Unbroken's mission is to ignite your spirit by unweaving doctrinal damage; church hurt, misconceptions & lies about our First Love connection through Grace & Love. Spiritual healing is of major importance to us. You will learn how to establish a continuous line of communication through intimacy with God by praying with your peers, family, and spouses. There is more to you than meets the eye.


 We will present evidence-based methods such as Cognitive Behavior Techniques (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) SOZO healing, and education on the effects of drugs that are abused & alcohol use that are abusive. A Biblical 12-step format that will be used to help the spread the word of healing properly & self-examine oneself by using the Bible correctly through the lens of love & Grace.  

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