Vision Statement


We vow to promote & develop wholeness in men & women.

A wholeness that comes from a transformed & renewed mind.

We will inspire these men & women who have gone through struggle,

Whom bear the mark of their testimony,

To have a vision of positive purpose for their future.

We vow to build lives with the understanding of self-worth through the eyes of the One whose First Love for us is still Unbroken.

Reference: Isaiah 1:18-19

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Mission Statement”

Our mission is rooted in leading men & women to the action of

gaining or regaining possession of sober-minded sobriety,

identity reconciliation with Christ & consistency in purpose

as men & women of God.

Our mission is to present this exchange as already paid in full from the reservoir of Jesus Christ’s Unbroken Love for us.

Our mission is to establish the understanding that being

Christ-Centered is the bank in which a redeemed lifestyle is housed,

the richness of that lifestyle depends on how much you take from it.

We suggest you take it all.

Reference: Acts 17:28 (AMP)

Help us Strengthen our mission...

When you donate to First Love Unbroken, you become part of the family. You help us continue to change the way addiction treatment is handled in our families, communities, & throughout our country. First Love Unbroken is a 501c3 organization. A church designed with recovery in mind and Christ in the center of the process.  



      There’s a part in each individual that is designed with God’s DNA. That part is your spirit & it is precious. Often it is left out of the equation when drugs, trauma, abuse, shame, guilt, remorse or even deigning that the spirit within you is precious, to begin with. Our staff will teach our residents by example.

     Walking with them into a Spirit-filled relationship with our Lord & Savior, Jesus the Christ. Helping each resident to answer that question that often echoes in the mind. Am I important to God? Does God exist? What is my purpose?  & many others that can only be answered by the Spirit to your spirit (John 16:13 & 14) (AMP).

     Each resident will participate in verbal & or written essays on select subject matter for both group & individual sessions. Our goal, give each person the spiritual understanding to distinguish between walking in the spirit or walking in the flesh.            Spiritual healing is not only real. It is of major importance in our facility.  

     This part of the program will be interactive but non-intrusive into the beliefs & traditions of the resident’s past.  Unweaving doctrinal damage, church hurt, misconceptions & lies about their First Love connection through Grace & Love.

     The resident will learn how to establish a continuous line of communication through intimacy with God by spending time in prayer with their peers & staff.

     We will have daily 

services/inspirational meetings among the residents, led by the staff or myself. These afternoon services will break down the Bible starting in John & working through the New Testament before introducing the Old Testament.

     Nightly services will be conducted by outside volunteers... Praise & worship will be an intricate part of each & every meeting as well as a section for testimonies from our residents & visitors.          Tested men & women of God will teach the reality of being a spirit (breathed in being), living in a house of flesh, by presenting the Gospel in real-time situations. Stressing spiritual integrity in all that is said & done in a group or individual studies or activities is one of First Love Unbroken’s main concerns. We will pass this along to our residents.

Reference: and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, & breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; & man became a living soul.

(Genesis 2:7)

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       Dealing with the physical aspect of the long-term recovery process. We will initiate physical activity (weights & calisthenics) & exercise programs; this portion of the training will be combined with a healthy balanced menu for all residents. 

     Scheduled sleep time, quiet time & relaxation training, are essential for reprograming the body & preparing the individual for physical activity in his or her new life. Dealing with the discipline of the body will be one of the first parts of the program but will continue throughout all phases & prayerfully will continue through their newfound life. Setting goals for our bodies will give us the ability to overcome obstacles that we & others can see.             Confidence in our temple will give us the motivation to become better disciples in the Kingdom. We will have certified nutritionists, guess speakers & trainers to help inspire & motivate all residents & staff in this Redeemed walk of long-term recovery in Christ. The body also houses the brain.

     We understand that the complexity of chemical imbalances & trauma induce issues are real. Cooking, cleaning, hygiene, self-esteem exercises throughout this phase are paramount.  The main purpose of this is to instill new hope in the residents. As they see their bodies change we will bring people of interest that are happily walking this long-term recovery lifestyle.         Speakers to inspire this Hope in Christ Jesus. The body is designed to heal as well as be whole & our staff is waiting to help each resident reach this in their physical state of mind. Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial for the body so even with medication being administered we guide the resident to a healthy coping adjustment where the brain & body can co-exist with little to no medications.

     We will not promote the lie, once an addict always an addict. We will present new creations as they are meant to be.

Reference: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, Holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. (Romans 12:1)



            We believe that the soul is where an individual carries the scars of the past. The soul of an individual is where the holes of life can be found as well as the wounds that have not healed properly. Being able to make good choices with real information in bad scenarios is key to long-term recovery but that is not possible when there are holes or open wounds in our soul.            We will extend our experience/testimony as well as the power of the Blood of the Lamb to the residents in our facility. We will present evidence-based methods such as Cognitive Behavior Techniques (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) SOZO healing along with the education on the effects of drugs that are abused & alcohol use that is abusive.          A Biblical 12 step program will be used to help the residents heal properly & self-examine themselves by using the Bible correctly through the lens of love & Grace. Coping skills are tools that we will help the resident develop & use in every scenario possible under our care. Performing arts studies will be implemented & encouraged through trained coaches.

       We know that music ushers in the presence of the LORD. Acting & music will be an intricate part of the program at First Love Unbroken. Residents will participate in singing & acting classes (Skits). Being in some form of production before their graduation will build character & a sense of accomplishment to look back on as they move forward in this new Redeemed lifestyle in Christ.

     Life skills will be implemented to build character & to test the repairs that are being implemented in our resident's lives.

      The African saying, “Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime” is indeed a wonderful ideology.      We believe that if you teach a man to examine himself he will see the ugliness of sin & want to change but, if you teach a man that his soul can be made whole & sin no more, he will change the world

(John 5:14; John 8:1; NIV).

Reference: Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an Holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. (1st Peter 2:5)