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There was a time when I felt that I was so far from the love of God that it impacted my desire to do anything other than continue the path I was already walking, which was leading me further away from Him. Addiction, depression, & anxiety were as much my friends as the trauma I would relive every day while getting high. Homelessness, bipolar manic episodes, & criminal activities lead to recidivism in multiple facilities.

Everyone has a story. From the youngest to the oldest of us, there have been things written in our souls & bodies, affecting the relationships we have made or want to make in the future. If you don’t believe me, ask a four-year-old about the worst day of their life, & they can tell you how bad it was to get over being told no, or losing their favorite toy, or the day mommy & daddy were fighting, & the police came. Ask an older person about their worst days or things that have caused them pain, & you may find that the wounds are very close to those of a child or at least to some degree.

Nevertheless, when does the tragedy of life become one’s testimony? When do the addictions that have caused countless battles & wounds become healed? When will depression & anxiety become a memory, & surviving becomes living? There are many answers, but solutions are few. Knowing your identity can cause the very fabric of your troubles to be pulled back, & evidence-based techniques can be used to apply the healing that can transform wounds into scars & exchange ashes of our past for the beauty of our future. We are not created for things that would keep us in the chains of addiction or mental disparity & unrest.

The question that I presented to the Lord one day was, “how can You love me when I have done so much harm to myself & others,” He challenged me, & His challenge changed me. He called me out & said, “‘tell Me how hard you are & I will soften you, tell Me how dirty & unforgivable you are & I will tell you that I have already made you clean, give Me your worst & I will exchange it for My best.” I felt like an unarmed man in a gunfight. There is no defense for His love. His love broke me, & His revelation of my identity in Him began the healing process of recovery, & His Spirit makes me whole, redeemed, & restored today. Now, I am pleased to help others become happy, healed, & whole through the methods developed for our programs within First Love Unbroken.

Brother David A. Wolf Godwin Sr. BS, CI

CEO / Founder

Vision Statement

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